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Zoonooz Excerpt September / October 1990 circulation 150

Here is an excerpt from our little zoo publication,
We didn't send it out monthly, but every two or three months, as I had time to work on it.

When we first started collecting animals, we had the typical fencing that most people have around their yards.  Before long we tried chicken wire, but that wasn't strong enough to hold a deer, so we eventually fenced our compound with six-foot horse wire.  Once Faline grew up, even that wasn't sufficient!

As always, our most pressing need was funding.  We did eventually fence the entire three acre compound with nine-foot wooden fencing.  My parents found a sawill that sold seconds (boards with flaws). Everey week for months we would go there and pick up a trailer load of green (not aged) oak boards six inches wide.

We found if we quickly nailed them to a previously installed frame, they would not warp.  They cost us $1 per board.
Future Projects:
In order to comply with our permit to keep Faline the Deer, she must be enclosed by a nine-foot fence. She will not try to escape, but deer can jump very high and if she gets out, she will not last a week during hunting season.

 Well, my parents came out and attached chicken wire to the top of the wire in the back of the compound. Faline got out twice in October because Freckles and Calico annihilated the gate to their new compound, providing access for Faline to walk out and jump over their four-foot fence. The first time, she came back the next morning. The next time, our neighbors Mary & Benny Walker spotted her in their yard and called us.  We really appreciate their help in getting her home.

 It costs about $40 for one ten-foot section of nine-foot-high fencing. We need 1,000 feet of fencing in the long run. Right away, we need 200 feet of fencing. 

If you have $40 (the cost of one pizza dinner for four) to spare, we have enough volunteers willing to install the fencing. Maybe your club, group, or organization would be willing to buy one section of fencing for us. You will receive a certificate to frame and we will make a nice wooden plaque designation that section of fencing as ‘yours’.

Fence Donors:
We especially want to thank the people who have responded to our need for fencing.
  • Margie Marsh – 1 panel
  • Robinson’s Apiaries – 7 panels

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