Sunday, June 3, 2012

Zoonooz Excerpt September / October 1990 circulation 150

Here is an excerpt from our little zoo publication,
We didn't send it out monthly, but every two or three months, as I had time to work on it.

In the early days, we looked for publicity wherever we could find it.  Advertising was at a premiu. The best we could do was get a listing in the telephone directory.
Whenever possible, we would get ourselves into the public.  Sometimes I took Magic the Mini-horse to the library or a school event to allow kids to pet him.

Sometimes we went to the County Fair and set up a few animals for people to pet.  But one of our favorit things was the local parades.  I would walk with Magic attached to his wagon. There would be a rabbit or two in a wire cage in the wagon.  Joe would walk along with Brighty, our standard donkey .

Upcoming events:
  • November 28 – Opelika Christmas Parade!
  • December 12 – Auburn Christmas Parade!

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