Monday, May 14, 2012

Zoonooz Excerpt September / October 1990 circulation 150

Here is an excerpt from the Zoonooz publication we sent out every now and then.  

 People loved coming to our little zoo over and over again. We had our regulars.  Many wanted to help out, so their children could have a wholesome and safe place to visit. Some offered to pay for the upkeep of their favorite animals.

Birth Announcements:
  • Parakeets
  • Peach faced love birds
People can help us financially and provide fun and entertainment for their family as well by participating in our ADOPT-A-CRITTER Program. This would make an interesting fift for that special animal lover in your life. the following critters have been adopted so far:

  • Faline the Deer – Deb & Vernon Huddleston
  • Magic the Miniature Horse – Brad, Austin, and Chris Davis
The following critters are still waiting to be adopted for this year:
  • Silla the crow
  • Fritz the goose
  • Kodiak the ferret
  • Timmy the squirrel
  • Rascal the raccoon
  • Azule & Emerald the peacocks
  • Wilbur the pig
  • Freckles the pig
  • Calico the pig
  • Mazurka the Borzoi
  • Bandit the ferret
  • Shug the angora rabbit
  • Bob the rex rabbit
You may also adopt an entire group of birds or mammals
  • Polish chickens
  • Standard brown leghorn chickens
  • Brown leghorn bantams
  • D’Uncle chickens
  • Silky chickens
  • Japanese black-tailed white bantam chickens
  • Peafowl
  • Frizzle chickens
  • Light Brahma chickens
  • Dark Cornish bantam chickens
  • Geese
By the way, businesses may sponsor any of the animals listed, too!

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