Sunday, May 13, 2012

Life in a Zoo: The Real Thing - Bottle Feeding a Fawn -Part Two

Raising Faline was a breeze. The next spring, my real challenge came. Instead of one fawn, I had three, only a few days apart!

Now instead of one bottle, there were three bottles. Now, the first thing I learned was that Daisy, Lily, and Clover each had their own favorite nipples. There was no switching them.

Not too much of a problem when they were on one bottle each. Although holding three bottles at one time was a bit tricky.  At first I tried preparing six bottles with six nipples. But they would have nothing to do with the new nipples, they wanted their original nipples.

Wow! What an uproar when it was time to change bottles!  At just about the same time they would all three suck their bottles flat. I had to snatch them out of their mouths, remove the nipples, and replace them on the three filled bottles.

In the mean time, I was attacked by three obviously starved babies, bawling and mewing, leaping into my lap and trying to suckle any bit of my skin their lips could reach… and all this while trying to screw the nipples on three full bottles without spilling anything!

They were in a shaking frenzy in the few seconds it took me to make the switch. Then trying to unlatch three fawns from my ear lobes, throat, and … ahem… anything else they could reach and getting the RIGHT nipple into the RIGHT mouth caused a few exciting moments.

I can honestly tell you there absolutely are no words to describe adequately the sensation of a lip-lock on one’s armpit!

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