Friday, May 25, 2012

Zoonooz Excerpt September / October 1990 circulation 150

Financially, we rarely made ends meet.  besides feed bills and maintenance costs, we were constantly building new pens and cages for new adoptees.  Occasionally, we had veterinary bills.  In an attempt to keep our admission fee as low as possible, we offset our expenses in various ways...

Fund Raisers:

  • Walking canes - $10 each
    • An anonymous donor has provided hand-drafted wooden walking canes. They are twisted, gnarled, and stained. Each is unique.
  • Peacock feathers - $1 each
    • Azule gave his finest. Ours are organically grown! By the way,we’ve only got abut twenty left from this season.
  • Refreshments - 50¢ each
    • We have an assortment of cool soft drinks.
  • Wagon rides with Magic the Miniature Horse - $1
    • We are offering rides for very small children.
  • Polaroid pictures - $2.50
    • We can take pictures of you with the animals as a reminder of your visit. They are mounted in a nice little colored folder.
  • Parties –
    • We can bring animals to your home and provide Polaroids, and video tapes. Or bring your party here! Call for details.

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