Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Three Goose Eggs

Here are three goose eggs I decorated. The Basinette egg makes a great baby shower gift. It’s really unique. Of course, learning to cut that lattice pattern requires that you grind a lot of eggs to dust before you get it right!

The Paua Cherub goose egg was surprisingly simple. I teach the folks at our Senior Center how to decorate this kind of egg. Simply take some old costume jewelry and glue them to the goose egg shell. Then decoupage bits of gold tissue paper over it. When it’s dry, add whatever findings you like. Most people use rhinestones of some sort. But this particular egg has cabochons of paua, a semi-precious seashell.

My best, of course, is the repleca of Carl faberge’s famous Russian Easter Egg called Lily of the Valley. His version is made of gold, silver, and precious diamonds and pearls. Mine is in goose egg shell, with polymer clay, rhinestones, and gold plated findings.

Faberge’s eggs are famous for the hidden surprise inside each one. His version has three tiny gold frames with paintings of the Royal Grandchildren in them.

By lifting the lid, in mine you can find a tiny gold-plated picture frame inside.

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