Friday, February 27, 2015

Critter Capers 1 – Having Fun with Critters from the Zoo



OK, today let’s have some fun with creating characters using some of the animals from The Thwarting of Mr. Dingsnapple. It’s such fun to invent characters, create a world about them and write a little on it. Let your creative juices flow!


Who can join the fun? If you can read this blog and type, you can join us.


  • Choose any picture you like (or all three if you want).


Tell us about it.  Write a few sentences and see what you can create.

  1. Give each character a name.
  2. What are they doing?
  3. Why are they doing what they are doing?
  4. How are they feeling about it?
    Want to know more about Creating a Character? Go to:
    Post your work in “comments” so everyone can share!



  1. A. Franklin was angry. It was a stupid day at a stupid zoo birthday party. And it wasn’t even his party. He felt like being mean to someone, but most of the kids at the party were bigger than him. He walked away from the group.

    Then he saw the goose. Some children were feeding it. He ran at the goose and yelled “Scat!” But goose ignored him. Then he ran at the goose again and yelled, “Boo!”, but the goose still ignored him.

    Then he knew just what to do. He grabbed the piece of bread a little girl was trying to give it. The goose honked and snapped at Franklin. He was so surprised, he forgot to throw the bread down. Franklin turned and ran. The angry goose ran after him. It snapped at his shirt with its sharp beak and Franklin cried, but he still forgot to throw the bread down. Finally, he tripped on a rock and the goose jumped on his back and grabbed the bread from his hand.

    Dirty, bruised, and scared, Franklin decided that although geese might be smaller than him, it’s best not to pick on them.

  2. C. Daisy is a dog. She doesn’t know she is a dog. All she knows is that she is a good mama. She has been a good mama to all sorts of animals who needed a mama.

    One day a lost little fawn came into Daisy’s yard. Spotty the fawn was scared. He didn’t know where his mother was. He wandered away and got lost.

    Daisy knew just what to do. She licked Spotty and loved on him. He stayed close to her and felt safe. Then Daisy went for a walk with Spotty following. When they got to the edge of the woods, sure enough, there was Spotty’s mother. The deer looked at Daisy. She bleated for Spotty to come. Spotty gave Daisy a lick and followed her mother into the woods.

    Daisy was happy that she had helped Spotty find his mother.