Monday, April 16, 2012

About the Author

Back in the 1990’s my husband Joe Crocilla and I began rescuing cast-off animals that needed a home.  Before long, we housed, loved, and cared for some 150 birds, mammals, and reptiles.  Eventually, we became the smallest U.S.D.A. licensed Petting Zoo in the State of Alabama.

This was a labor of love. Most of our animals were rescue animals, either domestic animals that had no place to go, orphaned wild babies needing TLC, and occasionally a legal home for illegally captive wild animals confiscated from their owners.

The end of our zoo days came about because of an assortment of events, starting with my mother’s murder in 1997. We took care of my dad, an Alzheimer’s patient for his last four years. Care for my dad and ensuing expenses made keeping the zoo prohibitive, so we found homes for most of the animals except for a few special pets.

I was inspired to write this story because of the constant battle with a goose who was determined to protect all goose eggs from her arch-enemy, me. At that time, I was involved in the International Egg Art Guild and needed those eggs to decorate. Whenever Matilda realized I had found her nest, she would move it to a new location. Whenever she saw me with my collecting basket and heading for another goose’s nest, she would attack me.  It was irritating, but funny.

Besides geese and exotic poultry, we had white-tail deer, emus, game birds, pigs, a mini-horse and mini donkey, and assorted other small mammals. Many of these animals ran at large in our compound, where we conducted hands-on guided tours.  As we guided people through the zoo, we told stories about their behaviors and personalities. 

The Thwarting of Mr. Dingsnapple is based on the personalities of animals I have known and loved.

Thanks for stopping by, and do come again!

Linda Anderson M.L.S.

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